Abingdon Music Centre

Abingdon Music Centre,
Music Building,
Larkmead School,
Faringdon Road,
OX14 1RF

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Phone: 07934 364940

Email: admin@abingdonmusic.co.uk

Director: Helen Eccleston
Email: director@abingdonmusic.co.uk

Abingdon Music Centre was established over 40 years ago to give the people of Abingdon opportunities to make music, whatever their age or experience.

At present we run baby and pre-school music classes, music classes for children in Reception and Year 1, recorder, musicianship and guitar classes for children in Year 2 and above, ladies’ choirs, a community choir, a singing for pleasure group for over 50s, an orchestra and various instrumental groups for adults. We also host activities on behalf of other groups.

Abingdon Music Centre and its activities are run by an experienced and enthusiastic team of music teachers, administrators and volunteers.

Abingdon Music Centre (at Larkmead School) is the principal venue for our activities but some groups and classes take place at other venues around Abingdon:

The Abingdon Music Centre Trust

The Abingdon Music Centre Trust is the charity which is responsible for Abingdon Music Centre
U.K. Registered Charity 309181  Est: 1975

Chair: Jim Hines
Email: chair@abingdonmusic.org uk

We are a developing charity with the aim of helping people of all ages to understand and love music by being involved in music making in our groups.

Music is so important to help us with our development at all stages of life and our mental health is improved significantly by joining with others to make music.

We try not to duplicate activities which are already running in the area – so, for example, we do not have a choral society or a “standard” orchestra because they have been running in Abingdon for a long time. But we do have a community choir, ladies’ day-time choirs and a community orchestra as well as a range of other regular groups and activities. Some of our groups are quite large (up to 80 for the community choir ACCord) but instrumental groups are as small as five.

Our groups have an informal atmosphere and focus on participation – we want people to be involved. We help members to improve musically and to extend their skills and technique but the emphasis is on enjoyment. We base our group activities on the needs of the members rather than “off the shelf” from a national programme. We do not prepare for exams but we do offer performance opportunities especially through our members events.

Trustees establish our policies and have oversight and control of the Centre. They meet three times a year and help at events and with running the Centre. We have 9-12 trustees who at present have expertise and experience in: secondary teaching; primary teaching; individual piano and violin teaching; work with the County Music Service; concert performance; careers work; educational senior management; budget creation and control; IT-based information management; the law; as well as practicality and common-sense.

We are interested to hear from people who would like to contribute to our work either as a teacher, a volunteer or as a Trustee. Please contact the Abingdon Music Centre office if you would be interested in becoming involved in our work.